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Chicken Zingara Meal

Chicken Zingara Meal

Chicken Zingara with Potato & Carrots

  • Ingredients

    Halal Chicken Breast, Potato, Carrot, Cream (MILK), Garlic, Maltodextrin, modified corn starch, beef fat, sugar, salt, vegetables (tomato puree powder, onion powder, beetroot powder), flavour enhancer (monosodium glutamate), corn starch, caramel syrup, palm fat, flavourings, thickener (guar gum), lactose (MILK), MILK proteins, spices (lovage root, fenugreek seed, paprika, pepper, cloves), white wine extract, acidity regulators (sodium acetates, calcium lactate), acids (citric acid, lactic acid), antioxidant (extracts of rosemary).

  • Allergens


  • Nutritional

    Approx Carbs:
    Chicken 0g
    Potato 35g
    Carrots 5g
    Sauce g

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